Father’s Day Card!!


Hello everyone!! Since Father’s Day is around the corner I decided to make this iPad inspired card. Who doesn’t like iPad’s?! 😀 This is a really fun slider card!!

To make this card I started out by cutting down two sheets of chipboard approximately to the same size as an iPad mini ( 7.8×5.52 ).


After that I took two sheets of A4 size cardstock and cut them down to the same size as the chipboard sheets. The black cardstock is going to cover the front of the chipboards. I wanted to make a frame for the screen part of this card so I marked about 0.7 inches on all four sides of the cardstock and chipboard.


The next step is to cut out along the inside of the markings I made to form the frame. I also rounded off the corners by using a bottle cap and scissors.


I stuck both the black cardstocks to the chipboards respectively. I painted the edges of the cardstock with black paint so that it would not be visible. Now for the lock-screen wallpaper I cut out a piece of Neena Solar White cardstock ( 6.2×4.52 inches ). For the window part of the card I cut out some acetate paper slightly smaller than the frame and adhered it to the back of the frame using extreme adhesive glue tape.


I decided to have a space themed background and so I drew and coloured out a space shuttle using water colour pencils. I cut out a circle using a circular die. This is going to be the window of the space shuttle. My lock screen wallpaper is done! 😀


Next I took the 7.8×5.52 inches back panel and painted a picture of space using Acrylic paint.


I cut out some tiny squares to depict the icons on an iPad and wrote “BEST DAD EVER”. These icons are going to floating in space. 😀 haha!! I also attached a handle on the side of my lock-screen wallpaper panel so that it would be easy to slide out the panel. Now all that’s left is to put them all together!! I used black extreme double sided sticky tape on the top, bottom and left side of the frame and adhered it to the back panel, leaving one side open so that my lock screen can just slide right in. 😀


And voila!! here is my finished card.


And just slide the panel open and you get this.


Now wasn’t that a fun slider card. Hope you got inspired by it. Go make your Dad a super dooper card and make him happy on Father’s Day!! If you do make a card please share it with me. Cheers!! 😀



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