Hello everyone!!

My name is Catherine Conway. I have always loved arts and crafts ever since I could hold a pencil. Creating something makes me very happy. I believe that if you have the talent and the passion for art you can create wonderful things. My motto is to always do the things that make you happy and make the people around you feel happy with the things you create.

I am happily married to Kane for the past 1 year but we’ve been together for almost 10 years. We were college sweethearts :). He’s been a great blessing and I am able to do my art because of his support and also my families. When I was studying I did not have the means and the opportunity to pursue Art but I am grateful that I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and worked for about 3-4 years. Right now I am trying to start my own business from home. I decided that since art always inspires and makes me happy, I am going to pursue it from now on. I hope that one day I would be able to inspire other artists and help them.

Hope you like the work that I post here and please do leave me a comment if you like it and also do let me know if you have some constructive feedback.


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